The journey of bettering ourselves is one constant process in life, it changes depending on just about everything that affects our human experience - age, stage of life, the people around us. The idea of “working on yourself” can be so vague that we get lost in the meaning, and as a result, in ourselves. While it can mean so many things, the concept of improving quality of life can simply be stripped down to a few key action steps - healing, loving, prioritizing. Each step is just as important as the others, and taking the time to truly sit with yourself and reflect on each aspect can help us understand and appreciate not only ourselves, but others as well. 


  • Understanding your past, both the positive and negative parts, and how they have affected your experience
  • Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning who you truly are and being comfortable with it, like your personality, perspective, and your impact on others
  • Removing negative energy from your life, whether from a person, place, or activity


  • Practicing gratitude for your life and all that you have, focusing on the good things
  • Celebrating achievements no matter how big or small
  • Using your strengths to promote positivity in your own life and the lives of others
  • Inspiring those around you to heal and love themselves just as you do, sharing the knowledge and experiences you have as a guide 


  • Setting and practicing boundaries in all aspects of life, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically
  • Communicating boundaries to others and respecting them yourself 
  • Making time for things that make you truly happy
  • Creating non-negotiables, whether it is people, things, or activities that you recognize as essential in your life and are willing to sacrifice anything for 

While this is certainly not a holistic list of everything that relates to self-improvement, hopefully these ideas can help you reflect on your own life, and if your actions and values align with these steps. These can serve as great journal prompts as you think about your human experience and personal examples of how you practice each. Choose yourself, create the life you want to live, be proud of it, and inspire others to do the same. 

July 02, 2022 — Faded Moon