Everyone knows that particular feeling you get after watching a good movie. You start to act like your own life is a production. You create an interesting plot line, you characterize yourself, develop an inner monologue, you dramatize everything around you, making it seem more important and meaningful. This is what romanticizing your life is. Taking the small things - moments, feelings, people, and developing them into larger and more influential parts of a story. Paying attention to all the details and how they impact the bigger picture.

“You have to start romanticizing your life,” is a common phrase of advice echoed on social media, yet many people don’t understand the meaning or its importance. Romanticizing your life doesn’t have to be all about love or romance at all. What it truly means is appreciating all the parts of your human experience and how they shape you as a person. Taking those little details, things you would pay attention to in a movie that impact the plot in any way, and recognizing the magnitude in your own life. 

It can be as simple as having morning coffee. How lucky are you that this is a part of your daily routine? You get to enjoy this little part of life every day, even if it’s only a few minutes. We can find comfort in consistency, falling in love with the idea of life itself in the midst of small moments and habits. Realizing that even the smallest of moments carry so much weight in terms of shaping our lives and who we are. 

So let’s try to appreciate as much as we can, have fun developing the plot. Make a big deal of even the smallest things. Fall in love too easily, not just with people, but with yourself, routines, habits. Don’t take any moment for granted because you never know how big of an impact something could have on your life. You are the main character in your movie, so don’t sell yourself short and brush off the small details. Enjoy the journey and recognize that good and bad, big or small, are all parts of a larger, beautiful, meaningful story. 

Need a soundtrack? Check out the playlist romanticize your life by FADED MOON on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3HrNJmSIrv7CXdDA0IfzHV?si=13f13e4419b94138 

July 15, 2022 — Faded Moon